Oh Yeah! Cartoons is mini show consisting of a collection of different cartoon shorts which helped launch shows such as The Fairly Oddparents Chalkzone and My Life as a Teenage Robot.

250px-The Oh Yeah Cartoon Logo

Tracks from APM Music featured in this show

  • Bits And Pieces by Ronald Hanmer
  • Burlesque by Jack Shaindlin 
  • Crazy Goof by Jack Shaindlin 
  • Cutie Pie by Jack Shaindlin 
  • Domestic Fun (A) by Ernest Tomelison
  • Domestic Fun (B) by Ernest Tomelison
  • Domestic Fun (C) by Ernest Tomelison
  • Fun On Ice by Jack Shaindlin
  • Funny Little Man by Wyn Henry
  • Gay Time by Alan Perry
  • Hackney Carriage by Cedric Palmer
  • Happy Hippo by Eric Winstone 
  • Happy Holiday by Anthony Spurgin 
  • Holiday Playtime by Cedric Palmer
  • The Hurry Up by Kenny Graham
  • Locomotion by Clive Richardson
  • Main Street by Alec Gould
  • Mr. Charles by Sid Phillips
  • The March Of The Ants by Sidney Crooke
  • Outdoor Fun by Jack Shaindlin
  • Pathe News Fanfare by Stanley Black
  • Petite Flirt by Jack Shaindlin 
  • Poppin' Around by Bruce Campbell
  • Shopping Spree by Laurie Johnson
  • Turkey Trot by John Longimire